Why Choose Pivotal?


JJ 52 yo male, lives Fairmount

Condition: HERNIATED DISC, Fractured Wrist

"I initially tried group yoga classes after a leg injury that affected my balance and resulted in significantly worsened daily back pain; such that I was having trouble sleeping and was waking up with pain. It was not always easy to feel safe in a busy public class - i couldn't keep up and some poses made my pain worse. I transitioned to private therapeutic yoga after a friend recommended it and have never looked back.

In the 4 years since, despite torn ligaments or broken bones, I have marveled at Pivotal Yoga Therapy's expertise to modify a yoga session to adapt to my ability for any given day, and the therapeutic nature of yoga for musculoskeletal injury."


RB 61 yo male, lives Narberth 

Injury: Fractured & Dislocated Right Ankle

"After ankle surgery, I was prescribed physical therapy 3 days a week which improved some mobility and strength, but my back and rest of my body was still a mess. Within 3 months of switching exclusively to yoga therapy, my ankle was fully operational; well in advance of the year anticipated by my orthopod. PT focused on my injury; yoga focused on my entire body, balance, breath, and so on. PT was limited; yoga therapy was comprehensive. 

Yoga therapy restored my self-confidence, enhanced my knowledge of my body, and I simply feel great! My orthopod, who was skeptical in the use of yoga as a 'PT Tool' was amazed in the speed and completeness of my rehabilitation. 

4 years on, my back, my hips, my overall posture has improved. Simply put I feel better on days when I practice yoga."


AM 34 yo male, lives Fairmount 

Condition: Persistent Low Back Pain, STRESS MANAGEMENT

"Private yoga therapy was really effective for me to rehab a low-back muscle strain. Group yoga practices help, but nothing is as effective or challenging as individual attention. Regular one-on-one sessions enabled me to reduce work stress, and build the strength and flexibility to keep me resilient against future injuries.


CL 40 yo male, lives radnor

injury: post-op Core muscle injury reHAB

"I added yoga therapy to my existing physical therapy 3 weeks after a sports hernia repair. I also have a history of disc herniation and had been feeling generally out of condition since I had stopped playing soccer. PYT helped me become more flexible and ensured that scar tissue didn’t build up after surgery. Combining the two helped me recover faster than if I had just done PT. Previously, I didn’t understand what yoga was and the positive effect it could have on your mind and body. PYT’s calm and positive manner post-op was key to getting me comfortable in a yoga environment."




“Kayla is a great yoga coach. She personalizes each session to my strengths, and works on strengthening my weaknesses. I always enjoy my sessions with her. She's very knowledgeable and a joy to work with.”


WL & LL 70+ yo, lives Newtown Square


"My wife and I have been working with Pivotal Yoga Therapy to improve our balance, agility and flexibility, and to feel better in our bodies.  The mindfulness perspective has been a refreshing way to gain space as a couple not only during our one-on-one sessions but also during interludes in our busy days.  As a yoga therapist, PYT is very conscious of our individual needs and is constantly adapting techniques to optimize our progress. We have found the treatment protocol for use in between sessions particularly helpful. It's easy to follow and keeps us on track daily with our personal goals."


MO 35 yo female, lives Wayne


"I have worked with Pivotal Yoga Therapy in a variety of contexts - I've had private sessions to focus on form and strength, and to rehab a shoulder injury. I've also had private prenatal sessions during my second and third trimester.  As a full time working mom of three, yoga is my stress-releaser, my energizing workout, and my 'me-time'. PYT takes the time to get to know each individual client and formulates a home-practice that is nurturing both physically and mentally. My workouts with PYT feel challenging yet peaceful. Yoga therapy has helped me realign my posture and retrain my body, especially when I have had injuries or was dealing with the physical changes associated with pregnancy. I would recommend PYT to anyone that wants an invigorating and meaningful workout, especially during a time of injury or recovery.

As an orthopedic surgeon, I understand the value in simultaneously strengthening and stretching your body to prevent injuries and maintain endurance and well-being. PYT has a deep understanding of the balance between stretching and strengthening and how to use yoga to facilitate postoperative recovery."